Are Tradelines Legal to Purchase?

While there has been controversy over whether or not purchasing seasoned tradelines is legal or even beneficial, there are some basic fundamentals to consider. Tradelines are nothing more than seasoned accounts that individuals may purchase to boost their own credit score so they do not have to pay higher prices and interest rates.


We all know and understand that when we walk into a car dealership they are going to run our credit report and if our credit score is low then we will either not be approved for an auto loan or we will be approved but have to pay an outrageous interest rate. It is no secret that it pays to be poor. Now if your credit score is high then not only will you be approved for an auto loan with a 0 or low-interest rate but they usually knock some of the prices off as well. As much as we all want that perfect credit history where we always pay all of our bills on time and never had a medical bill slip through the cracks that wound up in collections, it is just not realistic for most people. While we are hard working Americans that struggle financially sometimes, we should not be taken advantage of because we are human and might have missed a payment or two.


The first action to educate yourself on your credit and tradelines is to take a look at your own credit report. Most people have at least one human error on their credit report to start off with. Hiring a credit repair or credit consulting agency is the perfect solution to deal with all the negative information and errors on your credit report and have them removed. This might take anywhere from 30 to 120 days depending on how many items on your credit report that needs to be disputed. When your credit report is now as cleaned up as it can be, you have a more accurate knowledge of what your credit score is and what you need to do to raise it to qualify on whichever loan you are wanting to take out but also how to keep your credit healthy and the benefits from that.


Now that your credit is cleaned up and all errors removed etc it is now time to boost your credit score tremendously with a tradeline or two. Tradelines are an essential way to qualify for a zero to low-interest rate loan or mortgage. When you realize the difference in pricing and money you spend in interest rates alone, you realize how wonderful tradelines truly are and what an asset they can be for everyday hard working Americans that are tired of making the banks richer.

It is important to remember that becoming an authorized user on a seasoned account does not mean that you have privileges to that account. Your privilege is the benefits of a lengthy stable payment history that you do not have yourself. Tradelines can be purchased for as low as $250.00. The financial advisor will educate you about which tradelines would benefit the most and what will keep your credit in good health for as long as possible. The most important information to learn here is to strategically plan and budget your finances to save yourself the most money, after all, you worked hard for it, do not just give it away.