Follow easy steps to Increase Your Credit Score


We all want better credit scores, because they lead to better interest rates when we need loans to buy a car or a house. Credit scores seem to be a mystery to a lot of people but you do not need to worry about the complicated aspects. With the below information you will be well on your way in increasing your credit scores. Increasing your credit score sure takes some efforts from your part but it can be done.

Generally, credit scores are compiled through the reporting of various activities you have done concerning credit issues. For example, if you open up a new credit card, have your credit checked by an apartment complex, or if you have gone into default on a loan. All of these things can positively or negatively affect your credit score. There are many things you can do to help increase your credit score. This article will cover a few of those things.

• Pay attention to credit card balances
Basically, you want to have a small percentage of revolving credit. This means you need to keep your credit card balances low, and pay them off each month. This in mind, you must also use your credit cards. Creditors want to see that you can pay back your loans. If you do not use your credit card, then you cannot show that you can pay them back.

No matter what you credit limit is you should only use about twenty to thirty percent of it each month. This also shows control, and will increase your credit score.

• Pay off your credit card balances
There are three reasons why you should always pay off your credit card balances:
1. First, there is no need to pay extra money to the credit card companies by accumulating interest fees.
2. Second, paying off your total balance will increase your credit score.
3. Third, you will not build up an overwhelming amount of debt.
This is where many people get into trouble. Credit is not money, and should not be used as such. Using credit cards will help increase your credit, but using it unwisely is what will get you into trouble. Know that you can afford to pay off whatever you charge. That will help you in the long run.

The difference between good debt and bad debt

Good debt can be old debt. Any debt that you have paid off in full is not a negative on your credit report. This is debt you have handled well and paid off. Why would a company not want to see that? They just want to get their money back, and if you can show you are capable of this, the better. This will also increase your credit score by balancing out anything negative.
Further, the longer the credit history you have, the better as well. Good credit use shown through the years will only increase your credit score.

Pay Your Bills On Time
So much can be said for automatic payments. That way you never have to worry about late payments or forgetting to pay. If this is not an option for you, then create a calendar that is equipped with all of the due dates for all of your responsibilities.

If you are not good about paying your bills or not paying them on time, the companies can report this to the credit agencies, and it will decrease your score. A simple thing as paying your bills on time can make a very big difference.

These things take time

If you abide by the tips above, watch your credit report, check for mistakes, and keep the increase of your credit cards to a minimum, then your credit score will increase. These are not overnight solutions. If there is something in error or unfair on your credit report, then you can dispute it, or have a credit repair company do so for you. Yet the best ways to increase your credit score is to work hard and pay attention.

Viewing your credit reports help, and they are available for free online. Yet, it is the everyday things that you can do to increase your credit score. Make sure you pay what you owe, and not spend more than you can afford. Keeping this in mind, create a budget that works these tips into your monthly plan.

Tax Preparation Tips For 2016


At Autumn Bridge Tax & Business Solutions, we want to be there for you when tax time comes around. Although you have time to file between January and April, there are steps you can take all year long to get yourself prepared for the dreaded tax season. As a qualified tax consultant, we can help you not only conduct tax preparation services, but also prepare you so that the whole process runs smoothly.
There are simple steps you can take throughout the year, and for when you make your tax preparation appointment, that will help you get all of the taxes back that you deserve. It is easier than you might think, and bringing all the correct information to your tax preparer will make it easier on them and you. Read further for some guidance.
Although your tax returns are not due until April of next year, what you do this year will determine the amount of refund you get. Remember to retain all of your receipts, paystubs, charity contributions and anything else that may help your tax preparer when filing your taxes.
Here are a few tips to help you prepare:
• Create a file of pertinent documents
Throughout the year, you can begin to collect the information for your tax consultant. Purchasing a folder with labels can help you stay organized. Here are some ideas on how to organize your information:
1. Your personal information – This includes legal names of everyone who is filing, and any dependents covered by the return. If you recently have gotten married or changed your living situation, include copies of that information as well. You will need Social Security numbers for everyone, but place that in a safe or safe deposit box until needed. You may also need your bank account number if you opt for direct deposit.

2. Your income – This will be your W-2 forms and you may include your paystubs. There are also 1099 forms. These are used for self-employment, investments, independent contractors, etc. This counts as income, so do not forget these.

3. Your personal expenses – If you have a health savings account or an IRA, this information needs to be supplied to your tax preparer, because they count for certain deductions. Also any forms like paying your mortgage that you receive from your bank, or ones you receive from student loan providers. These will count as deductions as well. Some deductions can come from other places, such as business expenses or travel. Organize your receipts throughout the year; you never know what will count as a deduction, giving you a higher refund!

4. Your business information – Owning a small business, freelancing and other side income need to be accounted for. Both as income and for deductibles. Make sure you keep those receipts organized as well.

5. Your previous year’s taxes – This is necessary for your tax preparer to complete this year’s taxes so that your life changes can be documented.
Make changes now to affect next year’s taxes
We have an entire year before we have to consider filing our taxes. There are steps you can take to give yourself a larger return at the end of the year. Consider doing these as soon as possible to give yourself time to earn more later.
• Make charitable contributions – Donations not only help others, but they help you as well. Many of them are tax deductible. The more you make this year, the more you get back at tax time.
• Increase your tax withdrawal – Talk to your HR department and ask for an increase in paying taxes during the year. This way more will come out of your paycheck, but you will get a bigger refund the next year.
• Increase your IRA contributions – Traditional IRS contributions reduce your taxable income. If you put more in, there is less income to tax now, meaning a bigger refund.
• Take advantage of employer programs – These include health accounts, childcare accounts, and commuter accounts. These programs take the money from your paycheck before taxes, leaving you with a lower income to tax.
• Pay January bills early – If you can pay your mortgage payment for January in December, then that payment will count for this year. You can use it in your deductions!

Rebuild Your Credit In 7 Easy Steps

K2 Credit Wallet

A low credit score is undoubtedly a very big cause for concern. This is because it makes you one of those people who will have difficulty in attaining loans. Banks and other loan lenders are not that forthcoming when it comes to lending money to people with bad credit score. They consider it to be a risky investment or a bad debt.
Now when it comes to a low credit score, it does not happen in the matter of a few days. It usually takes a couple of months to actually reach there. It might happen that you made a payment late or even missed it. Before you know it, you see that your credit score has dropped below 600. According to experts, this is considered to be a very low score and can cause you problems in the future.
That being said, it might be that you are looking to repair your credit. You have understood the importance of maintaining a good credit score and are looking forward to doing just that. However, you might have heard from a lot of people that credit repair is not actually an easy process. This might be worrying you to some extent. Contrary to popular belief, the process of repairing your credit is actually very easy. In fact, it can be done in seven easy steps.
Therefore, if you would like to know how to get your credit score repaired, read on below to find out more.

1-Open up your very own bank account
The very first thing that you would need to do is open up your personal bank account. This in itself will help in improving your credibility. This is because the loan lending companies will be seeing that you have some savings of your own.

2-Get a credit card which is secured
There is absolutely no doubt that credit cards have actually become a necessity item. People find it very difficult to function without a credit card. That is why even you should be thinking of getting a credit card if you want to improve your credit score. However, make sure that you are doing it with the companies which charge low annual fees.

3-Get an installment loan
The next thing which you can think about doing is obtaining an installment loan. This would solely be done to show the loan lenders that you are in fact a reliable candidate.

4-Pay off student loans
Student loans are something for which a lot of people seem to suffer. You should not be one of them. Therefore, try to get your student loans paid off as soon as you can.

5-Become an authorized user on a credit card
Rather than using other people’s credit cards, get one under your own name. In addition, try not to splurge on it as well.

6-Hire a credit repair company

Credit repair is by far the most efficient way of rebuilding your credit, especially if you have multiple negative items on your credit report.When hiring a credit repair company be sure to do your research and go with a reputable company that has had success with previous clients.Credit repair can be complicated so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

7-Improve your bad habits
Lastly, you should make sure to turn over a new leaf, try to have only a handful of credit cards in your possession. Also, try to make sure that you can make all your payments within your deadline.


Make money as a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Master Stone

Healing people with your hands, transferring energy through your palms to encourage healing is a graceful way of helping others. If you are interested in learning the art of Reiki, at Reiki Master Academy, you can learn all you need to know to help others. They provide virtual classrooms so that you may learn anywhere, anytime. Their Reiki courses provide you with the guidance you need to become a practitioner of the art of Reiki and start making money in this growing industry.
It is simple and easy to learn Reiki online through their website provided at the end of this article.
Reiki is the Japanese Buddhist method of healing using the palms of your hands. Learning Reiki online provides you with the knowledge you need to transfer what is called “universal energy” through your palms which encourages healing.
This energy healing method has the following benefits:
Stress relief
Pain relief
heightened sense of well-being
help with painful muscle tension
relief from anxiety and depression
And overall better health.
Without medications and invasive procedures, this technique is a natural way to bring all aspects of self-awareness into balance. Anyone can learn the practice of Reiki, whether to heal yourself or be certified to heal others. This technique is well known to promote physical and mental health.
Easy Reiki courses for all:
Learning Reiki online is easier than you might think. At Reiki Master Academy,they provide live or online courses with experts who are highly skilled at Reiki and meditation. All of their courses are designed to assist students in developing their talents and skills. This includes enhancing intuition, engaging in the powers for health, and giving constant support through their Reiki journey.
No matter your level, they have a course that is right for you. They offer many certificate programs, such as Hospice Companion Certification or Intuitive Counseling Certification Programs. Learn Reiki online with a constant flow of new videos to hone your skills. Various tracks can be taken depending on what you are interested in, such as practical Reiki, business foundations, or healing.
Visit to learn more about the Reiki courses that can help launch your new career as a Reiki Practitioner.

Houston Housing On The Brink


Houston,we have a problem- and it’s all about the oil.
Texas is the nucleus of the nations energy industry, which is currently getting smacked by tumbling oil prices.

The days of $120 oil are out the window – and that means oil companies are slashing jobs -ten’s of thousands of them.
That’s bad news for a Houston housing market that had been booming in the last few years thanks in part to the ever expanding energy business.I strongly believe home construction could fall 8% in Houston by the end of the year.
“Rising employment in Houston is one of the most important factors for housing, with job and income growth steering both local demand and increased population from relocations,” Realtor Jason Brown wrote in a public report earlier this month.
Are we going to relive 1980’s all over again? There is a history of oil meltdowns seeping into the Lone Star state’s real estate market.
When oil prices crashed below 60% in the 1980’s, home prices dropped 16% from their peak, according to The New York Times. Houston was one of the cities that really got hard hit, with housing permits nose diving 80%.
Yet Houston is not as dependent on the oil and industry as it once was previously.Houston attracts employees from many other sectors, including pharmaceuticals, banking, technology based companies and higher education.
“The number of jobs being created and people moving into Houston is so great compared with the 80s,” said Jason Brown.He doesn’t see a downturn just yet in business but I’m not quite so confident that the bubble is getting closer for real estate investment in Houston.

Avoid Houston home builders: For now,I would advise  investors to steer clear of home builders in Houston where their is heavy exposure as an oil-centric market.Many Texas real estate investors are shifting towards higher end homes in Vail and Aspen Colorado for example as luxury resort communities are still seeing huge gains compared to the national average.Real estate speculation is always a tricky business so my advise is to always invest in the most insulated markets that are diverse and not beholden to one or two industries.